Monday, May 14, 2012


Hello Readers,

Today I need some suggestions- so please, offer some! :)

What does your makeup/jewelry space look like?
Mine feels cramped and all unorganized.  The pictures I've posted below were taken right after a clean-up, so don't be deceived :)

I have no vision as to how I can organize this area better, Lord knows I spend a lot of time there! Are there any storage devices that you can recommend?

                                 Until next time, organize that space you've been avoiding! :)

Bachelorette Tonight!! Watch it so we can talk about how ridiculous the guys are! :)


The Ferrytale said...

your dresser is adorable!!!! Wish I had one too :)


MandaJ said...

Why, thanks! IKEA! :)

Miss Lindsay said...

I have that dresser!
As for the storage - I would say a tray or basket and try to put away the products you don't use on a regular basis. But I know that's hard!

Nicole B said...

Idk if the jewelry is part of the problem for you but I never have places to put all mine so I finally went and got a bunch of hooks from target (those white plastic ones with metal hooks and that easily un-stick from the wall too) and so now I have a hook for each color (blacks, white, browns, blues/greens, pinks/reds/yellows, silvers) and then a couple separate hooks for bracelets. I like it because you can kind of decorate your wall a bit with it and it keeps them organized and untangled! It looks like something like that could easily fit on the space between your mirrow and window :)
Hope that was helpful!

Affinity said...

This has been an ongoing battle for me as well. I have just recently gotten to a point where I have a dedicated area for it all.
My little area is on the side of my bed in a corner. So I put up two corner shelves and flanked them with hanging jewelry organizers . These have 2 "shelves" on them as well as a multitue of hooks. The shelves are where I have my perfume and (only pretty) random bottles, and I hung my best necklaces on the hooks.
I personally love boxes and have been collecting them for years, so I have three of those full of random jewelry and charms that sit on the corner shelves.
As for the rest of it, if it looks ugly then I put it in the bathroom.
Miss Lindsey is right, if you dont use it on a daily basis tuck it away somewhere else. Maybe an old fashioned hat box that you could put all those products in and they would be hidden but still in the area and look nice. You could stack a couple differant sizes and shapes, decopauge them with pretty paper.... whew this reply got long... sorrys.

No(dot dot)el said...

Well I wish I could offer up some genius advice but I got nothing! Mine looks exactly the same only, I didn't just clean it up for a picture. If you do find out something good let me know.

Melissa Blake said...

I love your stuff seems to just be scattered everywhere. I've been meaning to organize, so thanks for the motivation!

Alyx said...

My stuff ends up all over the apartment. Seriously. I find makeup and hair stuff in teh most random places, and have not yet figured out how to effectively organize. Have you looked at Pinterest?