Friday, June 29, 2012

Kid's Say

As most of you know, I'm a full-time Nanny. My job can be super challenging-but the rewards are amazing. (And I'm not just saying that...promise!)

One of my favorite rewards? The things that come out of their mouths! ( Meaning, words. :) )They can literally turn a rough day into a thing of the past. 

I thought it would be entertaining and bring a smile if I shared some of my favorite things that they've said. I'm thinking I may share a few of their quotes from time to time. It feels like I'm withholding valuable gushes and giggles. :)


Me:  "Lets not get mud on my shirt, okay?"
G (age 2.5) :  "Why not?"
Me:  "Because it's a new shirt."
G:  "I'm soooo proud of you, Manda!"
Me:  "Why?"
G:  "Because you got a new shirt!"
           Thanks, G.  I'm pretty proud of myself too. :)

G: "One time, I made a toot and a poop came out. And it was green."

Me: "G, what would you like to drink?"
G: " Juice "
Me: "I couldn't find any. How about some ice water?"
G: " Let ME check."
Me: "But, I just looked and there wasn't any. Why do you want to check?"
G: "Because, *I'm* smart!"
Hm. I wasn't sure if I should be insulted or not...ha! And for the record, he discovered some orange juice. BUT, in my defense. I was searching for his juice boxes. :)

Me: "G, who's your girlfriend at School?"
G: "Clare."
Me: "Oh yeah? Is she pretty?"
G while nodding, "Yes. She's a pot-pie!"
This one was hilarious to me. I've heard "cutie pie"...but "pot pie?" No.


Me: "J, who should we build a lego house for?"
J (age 1.5) : "Chick." (As he holds up a plastic chicken leg)

He walks over to the toilet and taps it proudly, "Mama", he says. :)

Me: "Who is mowing their grass right now?"
J: "MiMi!" (Which is what he calls me.)
Me: "MiMi?!?"
J: "Noooo, see-y. see-y." (silly)
Apparently the thought of me mowing is ridiculous! :)

J's parents refer to the dog, Britney, as "Brit-doggy-dog" on occasion. So instead of learning simply "Dog", J calls her "Doggy-Dog".  :)

Hope this brought a smile. Pay attention to what those little people say! It can change the whole day for ya.


Anonymous said...

Good idea to write these down. Easy to forget. They're cute little guys!

Clara Turbay said...


Ariel Tyler said...

hahaha! So cute! Kids say the best things. My five year old niece is now in a phase where she says "guuuurrrrrlllll" before everything. SO great.

Krystal said...

hilarious!! pot pie, i'm going to say that now :) i turtored a 3rd grader and he made me laugh allll the time!!

Liz Brown said...

Oh, its nuts what they come up with! And every time I'm with little ones I'm reminded again how often they catch on to things we don't think they're paying attention to. :)

Introverted Art said...

oh Manda, this is so cute. I babysat when I was in college and you are right: it is a gratifying and challenging job.

Lyndsay said...

This is so cute!