Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cousin It

Connecticut is gloomy & rainy today.  I love it!  There is nothing more relaxing to me then the sight of gray rolling clouds and the sound of rain falling.  Not to mention- it's the perfect excuse to stay inside with a good book & a good drink.  Right?!
First order of business. My hair being re-dyed.
It turned out wonderfully- I'm sure it's because my Sweet Husband helped me. (Pretty much against his will...) 
So, on the left you'll see the ugly red version of Cousin It.  And on the right, you'll see a slightly less hairy- more sleek, Cousin It.  :)  

So if you remember ( or click here if you don't...)  a post from a few days ago- regarding things that relax me. One of them was candles- and I found this amazing candle at Target the other day. Not only do they smell amazing, but they change color as they burn. 
Have you seen them?

On Labor Day, Husband & I had a really nice day.  He let me purchase some fun Fall Decor (Including Candles, of course!) and took me out to lunch & to a cute little bakery for a late dessert.  I have to tell you, I enjoy my purchased food twice as much if it's packaged sweetly.
Enter, Julia's Bakery.
Just because it's tied with that cute string- you don't want to open the box. And then...once you DO open the box. You savor each bite because you don't want to regret opening the box. :)
Maybe that's getting a little too deep. Ha! :)
I love fruit tartes and eclairs.


Rebecca O said...

Aw! I love when pastries come in box tied with string! So adorable! and it looks just yummy!

Kate said...

I love rainy days! And your hair looks lovely :)

sepatuholic said...

Very good job on the hair dye.... Lovely post... the tarts looks soooo yummie.....

Janna Lynn said...

Oh yummy, that looks divine! You had asked me what missionary program my family did. My dad is a minister in a non-denominational church so we were just...independent missionaries I guess. Just raised money through different churches and then set out to far away lands! I loved it! My parents are just now back in the U.S. from Honduras :-)

Anonymous said...

I have to find that candle at target, it looks so cool!

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