Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Weekend has Ended.

Weekends go by so quickly- yet, I can't say that my weekends are terribly fantastical anyway.
My Husband works 15 hours every Saturday- luckily that all ends in January and I'll have lots of fabulous Day Trips to blog about!
This weekend consisted of :
Wearing a { new sweater }, that I love!
I even received a compliment while I was out & about :)
Finished a book that I can easily recommend to anyone who has  the slightest of dry humors. It's called "Penelope" by Rebecca Harrington
It's definitely one of those that makes you laugh out loud.
And of course, cuddling with one of our Furries, 007.
He thinks I'm his personal pillow.
I'm okay with this- because I feel the same about him :)
Do you have a Facebook page set up for your blog?
I've been debating it for awhile- but can't decide if it's worth it?
Or even, what the point is?
Someone explain this to me!


Karla said...

Don't you just love getting complimented by strangers? It's the best when it happens!

About your question.. I have a FB page for my blog. I first started it because it is a way to alert my family members who read it that there is a new post up. I will put the link for the new post in a status everyday. But then I realized that I post everyday, so I guess there is no point. But some of my FB friends starting giving me likes.. and now I'm up to like 28 likes (woohooo...) so, Idk, I just decided to keep it. But there really isn't a point I guess... =)

Kelly Jaspers said...

Great pics, you look so happy! :)

Do you like following each other via bloglovin/fb? Let me know dear:)


Krystal said...

your saturdays sound relaxing though! and one good thing about the FB page is that i don't want to put blog stuff on my personal one because i don't really want to annoy people by posting all the time...but i can with the Village one since people choose to follow that! and also, you can use your blog FB page to like other FB pages for giveaways and support and stuff. :)

Alexandra said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend! And yes, I have a facebook page and it's been very useful - lots of click-throughs!

Alexandra xo