Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bragging About It

Up until getting married, I had always considered myself slightly more of a Dog person than a Cat person. When we got married, our Landlord only allowed kitties- so thus, we had kitties.
And, I love them.

I was looking through old iPhone photos today and saw how many adorable kitty photos I have & knew I had to share bunches of them with you- no use keeping all the cuteness to myself, right??

Swoon over my babies, 007 & Moneypenny.

(Instagram: amosven)



Cara Wagoner said...

Oh my! How cute :D One of our cats just had kittens so hopefully my fiance and I will be able to take a one or two of them with us after we get married. I love kitties!

Christina W said...

I'm a sucker for kitty pictures - especially ones like wide eyed Moneypenny in the last one. So cute!

Taylor said...

ever since finding a stray kitten, i am a total kitty lover too. my cat was the coolest, she had such a funny personality! and your cats definitely look like they bring you many laughs and smiles :) soo cute and funny!

Lindsey Loo said...

I LOVE the third kitty picture! So adorable! Your situation sounds a lot like mine.. I have two cats, but as soon as I am able to, I am getting a puppy!!