Monday, May 13, 2013

That Adelaide Green.

It's blog day and I have been trying all day to think of something inspirational, but my heart has been heavy and it doesn't feel right talking about anything other than the fact that today, the World lost Addie Green--- who, is a great person to ignite some inspiration.

Up until a few hours ago when I thought about Addie- it was as Kyle's Grandma.  But as I sit trying to find any adequate words- I think of who Addie me.

I only knew Grammie for a mere 4 years- and I so wish it had been more.
But, I didn't need more than that to know how wonderful she was. How spunky. How strong. How stubborn. How hard working. How loving, she was.

Even up until her last days, her voice could reach a decibel that I haven't heard out of anyone else. She always called me, "Honey"- and her smile could brighten up any room.

Everyone loved her. Everyone knew who she was.

My favorite thing about her though, was her love for animals. Especially for her Dog, Charlie. It was something that made me feel such a kindred spirit with her.

For now, I'll let the tears come and feel the blessing of knowing her, even for a short time. But tomorrow, I need to be the support that my Husband needs.

I miss you already, Miss Adelaide Green.

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