Friday, December 2, 2011


Hello All.

You've probably noticed that A) I've changed the name of my blog and B) that my blog page doesn't look quite "complete".  ( Because it's not! Bare with me as I try to figure all of this template stuff out )

I decided to change the name because I felt like "Svence Sense" didn't quite 'grab you'- not to mention that one of my favorite books is called, "Eat Cake".

Every time I go to the Library and I can't find a book- my fall back is "Eat Cake". I'm not entirely sure why. Most likely for some silly reason like....the title includes the word "Cake"- and I like cake. Who doesn't?  There is something for everyone...carrot cake, anyone? Chocolate? (Yes please!) Red Velvet?  Vanilla?  Lemon?  Strawberry?  Rainbow?
.... And that's exactly how I feel about my blog.  There is something in it for everyone. Whether you enjoy reading it or maybe it just 'irks' you :0) 

Can you believe it's December already?
It seems like we just celebrated Christmas, just put the decorations away...and now it's here again! And it doesn't look like winter at all here in Connecticut, I might add. Tomorrow, the 3rd, it's supposed to be in the 50's.  But we probably shouldn't be surprised at this point. For the past few years the Season's weather has been off.

Growing up, we always decorated for Christmas, specifically our ancient fake tree- on December 1st.
Yesterday was December 1st.  Kyle and I had decided to decorate our little cozy apartment for the Holiday- and I had looked forward to it all day.
But as I was driving home from my second job- I felt exhausted and hungry and like I needed cuddle time with my Husband. 
"But! It's the 1st! We HAVE to decorate for Christmas. We have to! Otherwise we have to wait until Sunday!" I was shouting to myself.
Alas, I convinced myself that Kyle and I can make our own traditions. I don't have to do everything exactly the way it was when I was growing up, although I'd secretly like that. :0)
So, decorating is happening Sunday. And I'm super excited about!

Why do bananas smells so nasty as they age?

I want to take a moment to try and convince you to join yet ANOTHER site.
It's called Listia.
It's basically like Ebay except you win items with credits. It's really easy to use and really, the only money you spend is for shipping purposes.
I've won everything from brand new Bath & Body Works Lipglosses and Lotions to Starbucks giftcards and...Coach Tennis Shoes! :0)
Check it out:
It's pure amazingness.

I am stealing an idea from someone else and it is this:
Set your alarm, if possible, and both you and your Husband will stop whatever you're doing and pray for each other at the same time every day.
How cool is that?
So at the same moment every day- you're both thinking and praying for each other.
For Kyle and I, this won't work out because our daily schedules are fairly unpredictable- but we can still do something similar.
And I'm so excited to start.
I so long to get closer to my Husband, by getting closer to God. 

What are your weekend plans looking like?
Mine are looking very much like...dirty clothes, dirty floors, and an empty fridge. You know what that means.
Le sigh.



Julie said...

mom started taking down all the fall decorations on Thanksgiving day this year AND even reaarranged the living room for the Christmas tree hahaha mom..
we started decorating that Friday and Saturday so December 1st i guess is an old lost forgotten tradition

Anonymous said...

We actually decorate our living room by taking the "ancient fake tree" out of the cellar and putting ornaments and electronic candles and tinsel on it - and a star or something like that on top! BUT only days before Christmas and I think that's sad - although the tree will stand there until mid January or so! Haha. ^_^

I believe it's so cute how you want to get closer to your Husband through God! That are two solid things in your life. I wish I had that. I'm actually currently thinking about "converting" to Judaism. What do you think about that?

Love you,