Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's a New Day.

Lately, my motto has been "It's a new day."  And I just keep telling myself that over and over. Thinking, "Today could be better than yesterday" or simply, "Yesterday is over. Moving on."
It's much easier said than done, though.
I'm not naturally optomistic. I'm actually fairly pessimistic. Not necessarily on purpose-it's just...me, I guess.
Or maybe I'm not pessimistic- just worrisome?
Maybe they're one in the same.

On December 9th, Husband and I made the 12+ hour trek to Michigan- me being sick. And it was terrible.
But the trip itself was wonderful. It was so much more needed than I had anticipated.
After losing a friend here in Connecticut and just feeling a little lost in general- seeing close Friends was so, so good.
It was such a weird thing having my Sister away at School for part of the time. It made me pretty sad, actually.  She's growing up and it's so hard to accept. Especially since I'm not around to witness it.
I love my Family & Friends. And I hope they all know that.

I got the flu for the first time since living here. And it was NOT a good time. I'll spare you the details and just say that- I'll be getting a flu shot soon.
End. Of. Story.

On Monday of this past week, Creeper became very sick.
He stopped eating. He wouldn't eat anything at all- but yet you could hear him crying- because he was hungry.
Slowly, he stopped drinking water. But he wanted a drink, so badly. He would just stare at the water bowl.
He started losing strength, until he couldn't even walk to the litter box- and peed on the living room floor.
All of this was happening rapidly, in a period of 4 days. We had scheduled a Vet appointment for him in order to give him an injection of nutrients to give him some strength.
But as I watched him, breathing heavily- nearly invisible in his little bed, I picked up my cell phone and sent the hardest text I've ever sent.
"Kyle, tomorrow might be the day."
And he knew it too.
And so, on Friday December 23rd, we put our sweet furry Friend to sleep.

To say we're heart broken is an understatement.  He wasn't just our cat. He became a Member of our Family.  Being homebodies anyway- we spent a lot of time with him. Learned and loved all of his little quirks.
We miss him terribly.
My greatest fear though, is that 007 is lonely. Missing his companion. Confused. Depressed. And that tears me apart.

I've started searching through Petfinder.com for the next perfect little Buddy to join our Family. I'm hoping to find a girl. Switch it up a bit. But...who knows! If I had it my way, I'd adopt 10 more kitties and totally own title, "Cat Lady."  Totally own it. :0)

Christmas was lovely. We spent lots of good time with Kyle's Family and I got some pretty awesome gifts :0) 
One of my all time favorite movies is "You've Got Mail."  Love, Love, Love it. Everything from the keyboard tap tap tapping to the striped pajamas that Meg Ryan wears.  Kyle bought me the soundtrack. I know all of the songs- and it's the ultimate comfort cd. It's been helpful these past few days already!
My second favorite gift was Lemon Perfume from Bath & Body Works. It smells SO decadent. I'm convinced it makes me feel pretty and energized.  I recommend this perfume to every woman out there! Even if you don't like lemons in general- because I don't either.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas- I can't believe it's already passed.

Peace to you,


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