Monday, February 6, 2012


Have a happy weekend?

I find that weekends go way too quickly once you've accepted that you're an adult. Children, meals, cleaning, laundry, lists, lesson plans, shopping.... But I do always manage to slip in a bit of me time.  My beloved me time.

I've been reading blogs and have been smitten by several of them. Blogs on traveling through Paris, on cooking, on photography, on life in general. Blogs that continuously lull me back in day after day and inspire me to continue writing my own blog.
I used to hate the idea of blogging daily. I could only picture masses of computer memory being overstocked with posts that are only read for a week and then probably forgotten.
However, I think I may be getting over this silly fear.  If my words, even just one, can inspire someone else in some way...even if it's only for a george! I accept!

I've been debating what to do for Husband this Valentine's Day. I'm not overly creative by any means, but he does appreciate homemade love.  So, I've been tossing around this idea that was introduced to me by a friend last year.  Thoughts?

I've been doing so much soul searching lately. More so than my general "day dreamer soul searching" as I'll call it.  Deeper searching, I suppose. Taken from my discontentment as of late. Exploring what I can truly be capable of and enjoy, without going out of my mind. 

I've always kind of seen myself as, normal. Average. Boring. Dependent.
I'm not one of those women who can go to school for years, opening her own business, travel the world.
A) I chose to get married at a young age- and in doing so, in my mind- I chose to live my life alongside my Husband, which keeps me in Connecticut. And B)  I'm not an independent person. I never have been. I used to see it as a bad thing and almost feel guilty for it- but I've learned to accept and appreciate it.

I want to explore other avenues. Work from home? Work in an office? Take a class?
I'm not sure at this point what all of this soul searching will lead me to, if anything exciting comes up, I'll be sure to share.

A curiousness, I'm not eating as I blog. Although, I do have a Hazelnut Latte on the table next to me, which also seems to be one of my blogging trends.

Until next time.... Eat, Drink...Blog!


Merisi said...

Hi, MandaJ!
I read your comment over at Carol's Paris Breakfasts and would love to know why you think that some American women might feel offended by the book "Bringing up Bébé" (I posed the question at Carol's).

You have a beautiful blog!
Good luck with writing and getting in a daily rhythm,

Jackie R said...

Heyyy love reading your how you word things! I also LOVE the picture frame (met, married, live) I might have to steal that idea!!