It's amazing to me that Kirk expresses his belief- and gets completed blasted for it. If we're talking about "going with the flow" of America "today"- then what happened to being your own person? Having your own opinion? Being different? If I'm supposed to be different- and America is pretty much "Yay for Gay"- then I'd rather go against the grind. Not only that, but stick up for what I believe in. Regardless of what the rest of the World thinks.
I'd also like to comment- a lot of the things in the Bible are hard to understand and are up for "'interpretation"....but a lot of things are black and white. Homosexuality is one of those things. There is no if and or but about it. If you're calling yourself an advocate of gay rights- then I'll come right out and say it- I wouldn't want to be you when Jesus comes back.

Do I think that homosexuals should be bullied? Absolutely not!
Do I think that homosexuals are less of a human being? No.

But do I agree with or condone their lifestyles? No.