Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Parking Spot

Happy Weekend Everyone!

I don't know about you but I adore my weekends. I rarely have any "big" plans- but I love lounging, watching chick flicks, and treating myself to my favorite food & drink.  It also means that I get an entire Day (Sunday) with my Hubs.
I also admittedly love the extra cuddle time with my fur babies. :)

New obsession:  Kitty Whiskers

Moneypenny playing with a cord

Anyone who lives in an apartment complex or on a campus may understand my next frustration.
The coveted parking spot.
Every Winter- those who park "on street" have to either park on the odd side or the even side- depending on what the arrangement was the year before. This year, we're parking on the odd side. Which in and of itself is frustrating. We have to park across the Street from our home. And thankfully, since Winter has decided to pretty much not show up- We haven't had to deal with walking across an icy street to get to where we live.
However:  The Woman who lives across the Street has decided that she needs to park in front of her house- instead of in her garage.  Which brings me to my curent dilema. With her parking in front of her house- instead of behind, there is not enough parking for both my car and Kyle's. Most often, being that Kyle gets home later than me- He has to park three houses down- on the opposite side of the Street.
I've been trying not to hold a grudge over something so silly. I've been trying to bite my tongue and not say anything to her- and I've been trying to not be a pest and purposely park right in front of her house- leaving her no room to park.  I'll admit, I've failed a couple of times at the whole...not parking infront of her house thing.
I'm dying to say something to her like, "Hey. Don't you have a garage?" 
She seems frustrated that we are parking infront of her house- as if we have a choice!
Le sigh.
But as a Christian- I'm trying to be the bigger person. Trying. Trying. Trying.
That rant/vent/ramble/complaint is over. Thanks for reading.
I feel a bit better now.

Anyone else run into a situation like that? How did you handle it?

Onto a whole new topic: Shampoo.
I love discovering new shampoo/conditioner duos. It makes me happy when my hair smells delicious after a shower. 
Typically I use Pantene or Dove, but recently discovered that the new Duo by "Burt's Bees" is heavenly.
Anyone else try it?  You should !

Until next time, grab that parking spot & shampoo your hair!

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Jessica said...

We have assigned spots in a parking lot for our apartments... but only 1 per apartment. The rest of us have to find an unmarked spot (there are plenty). Only 3 of these spots are in the front, close to our apartment, the rest are in the back. J always gets our assigned spot (nice and close) and I cross my fingers and hope for one of the 3 spots. I don't always get it though.

We've had one neighbor who likes to park in the driveway outside of her porch... blocking half of the drive. We had to call the landlord to get her to move because she would simply sit there and yell at other cars for driving too close to her illegally parked car. Sometimes there would be 2 or 3 cars parked in the drive!