Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Cat Lady that Smelled of Lemons

I'm pretty sure that describes my future.

You know how when people recall someone that has been a part of their past in some form-they almost can always describe the way the smelled?
I'm recalling Parent Trap where Susan tells her Grandfather that she always remembers him smelling of..."Peppermint & tobacco".

I wear so many scents that I doubt you would remember me by one in particular. Or better yet- maybe each person that has some significance in my life will remember me by a different scent. That would be interesting, eh?

I think my favorite scent, right now, is the Lemon Perfume that Kyle bought me for Christmas. Every time I spritz it I feel energized. Clean. Pretty.

I was talking to Kyle last night, trying to describe my love for animals.  I absolutely adore animals- and by animals I mean specifically, cats and dogs. Of course it stretches beyond them- but those are my primary loves.
007 is the best Cat ever.  He's this big ball of fluff- and he is so, so cuddly. And lovey. 
He was lying across my chest last night, like a big baby- and I couldn't help but just stare at him. His little eyelashes. His little snore sounds. The little smirk on his lips.  This creature is lying on me, in complete trust. 
Think of their positions in life. They pretty much either scrounge around dumpsters for food and try to find shelter amongst shrubbery or under parked vehicles OR they cater to a "Master". Eat when they're fed. Sleep where they're allowed. Go outside if they're allowed.
It seems like such a sad life, if it weren't for us making it the best we can for them- right? 
It's constantly amazing to me that people can abuse their animals or ignore them in any way. I just can't imagine ever allowing that to happen to one of my Pets.
If I had the guts, I'd be the best Animal Cop...ever.
Also, I'd be perfectly fine if my lot in life was to become a "Cat Lady".

Lately I've been obsessed with Paris. (The City, not the blonde)  I've never really cared much about Paris, never really wanted to travel there. I'm not sure I want to travel there still- but, something about the whimsical atmosphere completely lures me in.  The cozy cottages, the little cafes...the brick streets. Dainty coffee cups and sweet tartes.
I think there is something so enchanting about what life seems to be like there. I find the women to encompass femininity. And me? I like the idea of being Feminine. :)
If you have any interest in Paris, I encourage you to check out this blog;

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Tomorrow is Friday- get excited!


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shorty_cant_surf said...

I got into a friend's car the other day, and she must have sprayed something you used to wear at Vennard... because as soon as I opened the door I thought "AMANDA!" :)