Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring & Sidekicks. Boobs & Bachelor.

I now have the same amount of posts as followers. It seems silly- but I hate having more posts than I do followers! There is just something about it that makes me feel like- until I have another follower, I can't blog. Which is silly. In which of course, I'll still blog any way.
However- if you enjoy reading my blog- click "follow"! :) It'll make my day.
And to those of you who are dedicated readers- thanks so much! It makes blogging that much more fun for me.

In other news, today, it really feels like Spring and is even starting to look like it as well. I saw a few bushes blooming some- still unrecognizable-buds.  But soon, they'll be lovely and I'll be picking them to sit in a vase full of water- to add OOMPH to my little abode.
I don't know about where you're living- but as soon as the thermometer reads " 65 "- people immediately whip out the shorts, tanks, skirts, and sandals. 
I, however, wore my usual work attire of a sweatshirt and yoga pants. (I was quite hot and will be wearing a short sleeve shirt tomorrow, for sure.)
Just to add a little gripe- as much as I'm enjoying this lovely weather- I don't enjoy seeing 16 year olds walking down a busy street- wearing see-thru tank tops and booty shorts. Really?
It's SPRING...not Summer! Can't you keep the scantiness to a minimum at least until Summer?

Anyone reading any good books?
I recently read a book entitled "The Secret Letters of Marilyn Monroe & Jacqueline Kennedy". It was a decent book and probably a bad idea to read it- having no real understanding or knowledge of either woman.
But since reading the book I've gone on a personal quest to watch old Marilyn Monroe movies and read Jackie Kennedy books.
I've always thought of Jackie Kennedy as elegant. The epitome of "femininity". She has a unique look and a seemly strong facade.  In reading the book " Just Jackie:  Her Private Years "- I'm learning so much that I had absolutely no idea about.  Her many suitors, her depression, her sibling rivalry- just to name a few. I'm not even half finished with the book yet- but can hardly put it down.

I have always wanted to be my Husband's "sidekick".  And for the most part, I am.  The one area where there is definitely a difference is, Movies.
We are homebodies, which I think we've mentioned before. We love to spend our evenings watching movies, reading together, playing games- whatever.  We also have very strict standards set for ourselves as far as movies go.  Nothing inappropriate in terms of : too much body showing, too much language, too much violence (for me!), etc.  It's been hard! Really hard.  It seems that most movies that are coming out these days insist on having sex scenes where nudity is completely OUT THERE for everyone to see- if not a sex scene, that at the very least a dozen or so scenes where boobs and butts and even genitals are visable.  Come on, really?

What I'm getting at with that ramble- is that, I've always wanted to watch action movies with Kyle. Because it's what he likes and I always thought, "Oh yeah. He's totally going to think I'm awesome because I can handle blood and guts."
Last night, Kyle chose to watch the movie Pans Labryinth.  Within the first 15 minutes- out of no where- a man was getting punched and then stabbed repeatedly in the nose.  It was disgusting. I cannot stand gore in movies. I just can't.
Needless to say:  We turned the movie off, per my request.

Le sigh. I wish I could handle manly movies for my manly man! :)

In other news:  Kyle and I went to Wendy's last night where we found two homeless Kitties.  After getting two drinks...and some fries- we went back around the building and poured out the fries for the kitties to eat.  (By pour- I mean: Threw wildly so no one saw...)
I hope they enjoyed the fries and found a warm place to sleep. (Why didn't I think to get something like....chicken nuggets. Or bacon? I mean...fries? lol!)

Bachelor Finale tonight!! Everyone excited?
It's one of my little weaknesses.  Not only to I like catching little makeup/fashion tips throughout the show- I love the thrill of guessing who stays and who goes.
I think we all have the notion that Ben is going to choose Courtney (BUH!)- but let's hope he comes to his senses and chooses Lindzi!  (Or even better...realizes he's ridiculous and chooses Kacie B. over everyone!! Ha. )

Until next time,
Cover up those "bubbies", watch a good movie, and don't miss the Bachelor Finale!!

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Anonymous said...

I have a "Jackie" story for you. Many, many years ago, Dave and I were at Snowbird in Utah attempting to ski. I gave up and went into the lodge to sip hot chocolate and soak up the atmosphere. It was then that Jackie --in her full length fur coat- sauntered in and sat at the table next to mine! She was with a group of other Kennedys. It was so fun listening in to their conversation and pretending I was part of it!! viv v