Saturday, March 31, 2012

YES, to Tomatoes...and Kitties

Anyone else try the "Yes to..." products?
I've found that the tomato products are my favorite so far.  The face mask especially minimizes my pores and smooths my skin- plus, it smells so good!

 Good morning!  (It's true...I don't wake up looking like I didn't sleep...ha!)

Even Moneypenny thinks it smells wonderous :)

I'm not the type of makeup fanatic who purposely researches new products that are coming out and what's "in"- Basically, I go to the store, find makeup that looks amazing, buy it & try it.  On ocassion I'll see something reviewed in a magazine and try it. (I especially love anything fruit and veggie for some reason. It makes me think "pure", "fresh", "soft".)

I found these new Maybelline items and immediately snatched them up.  So far, the "airfoam" foundation is heavenly.  To me, foundation should be all about looking natural. It shouldn't be a 10 layer cake.
This foundation literally feels like...air.  I put it on and didn't feel a thing.  Try it out!
The "Bouncy" blush has also been awesome- but I can't say it's better than anything else I've tried.

In closing, I will allow you to dote over my precious fur babies. :)

     007 hates photo shoots. Obviously.  But he is the biggest mush of a cat you'll ever encounter.

Monepenny is the opposite. She is a fantastic model and only cuddles when she needs it.

Until next time, go rub some tomatoes on your face! :)


donkey and the carrot said...

Thanks for the tips! I will try the foundation!!!

Cheap Hosting said...

Tomato is my fav home mask too. Tomato with honey leaves you wrinkle free and glowing.