Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Letters & Friends

I have been in such a "writey" mood lately.  I think I need an infinite supply of stamps and stationery on hand.  I think most everyone-openly or not- loves getting a little hand-written letter or card in the mail. Something that's personal, something that took time & thought, and something other than bills! 
It's my dream to have my own little nook- where I can set up a little writing station. Stamps, envelopes, different types of stationery- cards filed by occasion....and my new desire, a feather pen with ink.  Also, a vase of fresh flowers.

I was telling a Friend via email about how I've been feeling lately. It was actually quite a depressing email, honestly. I re-read it 3 or 4 times after I had sent it thinking, "Do I really sound that bad?? "
I've always had this idea that bonds between people trump time and distance.
For example, I feel that when you're 10 years old sharing secrets, inside jokes, and creating your own little language- when you're 30, regardless if you only talk a few times a Month, if that, you can still find yourself good Friends with that other person.
Is that crazy?  Be honest with me here, anyone else out there feel anything like that?

I've always found it easy to lose touch, but still be close Friends.  I hold my Friendships on a very high pedastol- and I feel that time and time again I am let down. 

I'm realizing as I age, that people change.
I've been told this, going on years now, but I've always simply assumed that those changes in other people's lives- wouldn't include me. 
Well, surprise suprise....they do.

It's been a hard truth for me to digest. And really, I've only discovered it recently. The thing is, I'm not sure how to cope with it yet.  How have you coped with it?

When I got married- I also moved across the Country. Into a State that was nearly foreign to me.  I began a new job. Joined another Family. Left my Family behind. And needed to learn how to take on being a Wife.
I needed the support of my Friends so, so badly. I needed emails, letters, phone calls, texts, and visits. 

Sadly, I've found myself still without any real, genuine Connecticut Friends and also I'm beginning to see those Friendships that I've always put so much trust into- dwindling away. 

I'm trying to find a reason for this. But, I don't see it yet. 

Friends, forgive me for some of these pictures. :)

Until next time, write someone a letter.


Ly said...

Wow times has really changed! I can't believe High school was that long again...

MandaJ said...

I know- so crazy isn't it? Makes me feel aged. And not the good "aged cheese" kind of age. lol :)

shorty_cant_surf said...

Ick. I might hate you a bit for those pictures...

Johnny Rose said...

Yes! I totally understand this post. It's a sad thing that I no longer feel very close to my Michigan friends.. And every time I do interact with them again it's always a little awkward because of the change but its also like stepping back in time and the connections are still there. How do I cope.. well I was at first upset and felt left behind or something. But now I try to embrace it. When you think about it it's pretty neat actually, we are all growing up and becoming who we truly are and not living off of peer pressure and what not. By the way HI Amanda! lol I just started blogging again and found yours!