Friday, April 6, 2012

Goodnight Moon

It's rare that Kyle and I get a day of work off together where either of us didn't have to take a vacation or personal day.  So today being Good Friday, we did!
Usually I like to have plans for the day. Get up at this time, have breakfast at that time, go to the store at this time..... you get the picture.
So today I deliberately didn't want to make any plans for our day together. Truly just have a day off, no obligations.
I woke up at a nice, ripe time of 11:30am and believing that Kyle was still asleep ( he never wakes up before I do..), I proceeded to pick up and read my book for half an hour-carefully turning the pages as to not wake up my handsome sleeping spouse.
Then...I hear a cough....coming from outside our bedroom. "Kyle?"  I call.  "Yeeaaah?" He answers.
HMPH! He was awake the whoooole time.  Since 9:30am to be exact.
I could have been turning my book pages louder! ha.

We got lunch.
We went on a 4 mile walk in beautiful weather.
We watched a movie.
We had dinner.

And then, remembering that there was a carnival going on- I convinced Kyle to take me out so I could get some good pictures.  And, I got some!  (And also some other pictures around town that you may find....neat?)

Until next time, enjoy extra time with someone you love.


Johnny Rose said...

How do you like Connecticut? Just wondering, I've never been that far East and I'am thinking of headed that way some time in the future.

MandaJ said...

It's nice. It's way different from the Midwest and I can't compare it to Oregon really- but there is a lot of really old New England style homes and buildings around. Lots of hills, lots of people. Everyone kind of seems in a hurry all the time. It's definitely a beautiful place to see, for sure.