Monday, May 7, 2012

Slightly Obsessed

I discovered this little Etsy Shop by Rachel Ball at "Elephantine" that is completely amazing. 

I browse through her items almost daily just to let out a small sigh of awe at how delicate and beautiful each piece is.
I recently purchased a pair of earrings called "Bellissima" as a gift- they're stunning. I also can't help but fall more in love with the shop given the cute little boxes that carry the merchandise.

Until next time, check out Elephantine & fall in love!


rachel said...

Hi Manda, thank you so much for this nice blog post! Hope you have a wonderful day :)

Johnny Rose said...

I'am also quite in love with Etsy! I go on there all the time and have been buying a lot of my wedding stuff off there and even put up a wedding registry through them.. Craft geek to the core.

Bonjour Juliette said...

OK, now i'm obsessed too...
Thank you, i just discovered your blog (via "an apple a day"), it's lovely*