Monday, June 4, 2012


I absolutely adore fresh flowers. They brighten up my worst of days and the messiest of rooms. :)

There's nothing quite like turning the corner to see your Sweet holding a bouquet of flowers just because, either.  But even if you don't have a Sweet of your own, go buy some flowers for yourself! Flowers do the same duty, regardless of who puts them in the vase. :)

    Until next time, buy some flowers.


Taylor said...

It's true, fresh flowers are just one of life's sweet goodnesses.

His Little Lady said...

yep, i officially want to get fresh flowers every week. it's decided. so gorgeous!
xo TJ

Karlita said...

you are so right I need to buy ones this week! happy week!!

Annemarie @ Brunch at Saks said...

I agree! Love fresh flowers! xo

Oh Sunnie Day said...

I just picked up some pink peonies the other day. I couldn't agree with you more. Fresh flowers bring life back into your home.



Joyce Moyer said...

Love these!

Purposely at Home said...

Loved this! So simple, yet too sweet! :) I hope you are having a great week.