Wednesday, June 6, 2012


What is your take on drinking alcohol?

Growing up, it was never apart of my life. The only time it was ever introduced to me was via movies or television.

I remember sipping my first glass of wine, a Moscato from Olive Garden. It was absolutely delicious! Since then I've been hooked and every couple of Months I have to have myself a glass.

A few nights ago was just such a night- I had a glass of wine and some grapes & opened a good book.  I immediately thought, "I could make this a nightly ritual!"  Wine & a book. 
I also slept super duper well that night!

Until next time, start a bedtime ritual.


Karlita said...

How often do you plan on doing it? Sounds good like a weekly activity! Got to try!

Introverted Art said...

I think I have some type to allergy to alcohol. It does not agree with me at all. I think a glass of wine is perfectly fine :)

kitten roar said...

is it okay if i steal this little ritual? because there are fewer things i love more than wine and books. in fact, i'm about to have a books & booze club this weekend for my friends and i to drink wine and beer and talk about our favorite books. but it's probably even better in solitude and cozied up in bed :)

Taylor said...

I am such a wine lover too. I had my first wine immersion in Italy and I realize that it doesn't get much better than that..I was so incredibly blessed to be able to have that. Thus, chianti wine is my go-to. I have the very same notions regarding alcohol as you! We are quite similar!

Rachel said...

I enjoy wine quite a bit, and a glass before bed is the perfect way to enjoy it. Have you tried champagne? There's nothing better. Of course it's more fun if you save it for special occasions. I want to get some for our third anniversary this month.