Monday, August 27, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Nanny II

Hey Friends.

Again, please excuse any maintenance my blog may be undergoing over the next week or so. Nothing too crazy. Just need a little somethin' somethin' different :)

I've recently started watching Beverly Hills Nannies- have you seen it?  It's crazy that I can relate to the women (...and men?) on the show. Not even close to as bad (I have great employers currently!)- but still. It's a crazy life.

Here are some fun photos & a video of a day in the life. :)

Doodles for J. His Mama is having another baby! 

Mid "Noooo". Morning Grumps.

Bubble Lovin!

Water Table!

Watching a Neighbor mow.


krystaladele said...

Is it bad that as an ex-nanny I could relate to that show too?! Like you said not nearly as bad but still.. The Nanny Life

Taylor said...

These pictures are too cute!! You must be so much fun :)


What a cute baby! :)

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