Monday, September 10, 2012


Hey Friends.
I typically tend to keep things light on my blog.  I feel like when I intend on browsing blogs, I want to see things that inspire me and make me happy.
So today, I'm switching it up just a bit & hoping to inspire you in a way other than through food, coffee, and pictures. :)
I would say THE biggest passion I have, that brings out the most emotion for me, is that of caring for & protecting animals. 
007's "Catbook" profile pic :)
On Facebook, people are constantly sharing causes and trying to spread the word. I totally agree that this can be overwhelming & sometimes uncomfortable- specifically with some of the pictures that are used. But, I also support the reason why these posts are spread.
I'm not going to post pictures to make you aware, but instead I wanted to ask if you knew that...
In other Countries- people are using dogs as live shark bait.
Animals are being dragged behind vehicles.
Animals are being tied up & tortured.
They are left wandering the streets while they're "owners" go on vacations.
Around here, people are even tying dogs to train tracks & tying dogs up to fences until someone hopefully saves them.
Those aren't comforting facts, right?
But the reason I'm sharing is because...they are facts.  And even if they weren't. I'd hope that you'd be brave enough & strong enough to speak up for these animals. Whether it's on Facebook, donating or joining a cause.
People may squirm or be a little uncomfortable at first, but they'll get over it. And you might of saved an animal's life.
If you've made it to the end of this post, you're amazing! :)


Baby firefly said...

I love love love that you're passionate about this things! I am too! I get a lot of static from people who say that my focus on animals and protecting them is wrong, because I am valuing the life of an animal over a human. That's not true! It's just so many people are quicker to help humans than animals, that I feel I should help in the areas that need maybe a little more help! My job is a testement to that. I work at a company that sells bath products and they refuse to do any animal testing and blah blah blah. The great part is they go to the extent to do surprise check up on all our ingrident suppliers to make sure that they are being honest and haven't changed their stances. If they have, they drop them and get a new supplier. We also support over 1000 charities! AH! Anyways, such a good post darling!

Meg said...

This is a great post. It's full of feeling, and yet delicate and inspiring. I'll be following from now on! :)

andrea said...

Great post! I love animals and feel strongly about this issue.

Another fact I had no idea about until my eyes were opened. My parents rescued a dog from Kentucky who was in a puppy mill and was going to be used for her fur to line boots. We need to be aware of where our animal products are coming from. So much goes on that the public has no idea about. Once your eyes are opened to these issues I think it is hard to look the other way.

Again, great post with an amazing message.