Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Marriage: 3 Years. (& Lots of Pictures!)

Hello Darlings!
It's September 12th today.
Mine & K's THREE year Anniversary!

(The first week of us meeting in person & an engagement picture)
Truthfully, I can hardly believe it. I can't say it's flown by or that it feels like so much longer. It's a comfortable middle between the two, I think.
Everyone (at least my Friends...)  always comes up with these fantastic Facebook statuses in ode to their Anniversaries. 
So last night, as I was thinking about what to make mine today- I knew I didn't want it to be over mushy. I didn't want it to be generic.  But, I also knew I wanted it to be realistic.  This was what I came up with.
"It's been a roller coaster ride. Good thing I loooove roller coasters! :)"
I felt like someone was going to comment and say, "What does that even mean??  Are you having issues?? Why is it a roller coaster??"
But so far, no one has.
And I think it's because- when you've been in a long term relationship understand what I mean.  Even if it's just in a tiny way.
You get it.
I have quite a few new followers- so here is a link to a post about my first year of marriage. It's a little lengthy, but it's brutally honest & personal.
This past year has been- much better.
I truly am happy. And am blessed. And very thankful for the Man that I've been given. But, like most normal, human beings...we have our differences & spats. :)
I'm excited for the future. Bring on this next year!!
 Showing off my new engagement ring :)
 Finding THE dress
 Wedding Shower
 Wedding Picture- Cake Toppers, right?! :)
 Honeymoon in Aruba

Train to NYC
And now! Older &....wiser? :)



Janna Lynn said...

Aw happy anniversary! Loved all the pics, y'all are cute! And yes, not matter how GOOD it is, it is always a bit of a roller coaster ride. :-)

For All Things Lovely said...

Super cute blog! xx.

Whitney Cosgrave said...

so sweet! congrats.

Courtney said...

Happy Anniversary! You have a super cute blog :)

Meg said...

Um, you guys are the cutest. Ever. I love this post :)

meg said...

Happy anniversary!!! Your photos are so pretty :)

Elle said...

How exciting!! Happy Anniversary :)

Krystal said...

happy belated anniversary! this is a really cute post, i like seeing the older pics :)

Anonymous said...

Precious! Yes, I know exactly the rollercoaster you speak of! lol (Thanks, now Roller Coaster of Love is stuck in my head! HA!) Happy 3 year anniversary! Your wedding photos look breathtaking!