Monday, February 25, 2013


Hello Friends.
It's Monday. And despite the fact that I'm not going into work today, I can still feel it a bit.

I survived turning 25 on Saturday!
I'm sure it's because my Husband did an amazing job at making the day full, fun & special.

Here's a photo overload of the Day.

Kyle woke me up with a sweet letter & a Sephora gift card. (He knows me so well! Although my Mom insists he's just helping my makeup addiction!)

Then of course, Starbucks was involved. I got my favorite Bacon Gouda Sandwich & a Grande Iced Caramel Latte. It was...superb. :)

     I made "VIB" status at Sephora, heck yes! Although, I can't really disclose any information. You know, VIB members only.... ;-)
K then took me to Barnes & Noble- I picked out French Caramels, English Tea & a Hardcover Ann of Green Gables book.
He drove me to Munson's Chocolate next- where we picked up everything from Dark Chocolate Apricots to Coconut Truffles.

We went to Lunch at a place in Woodbury, CT called "The Good News Cafe". (Check out the link HERE )
The Food was very good & really not too expensive. (Although I suppose we did go at Lunchtime)
K got a "Zee Burger" with some "Freaky Dog" Cream Soda & I had some Italian Wine (that I can't pronounce.) & Lobster/Spinach Penne with Smoked Gouda & Truffle Oil.  It was really good & the portions were perfect!

The Day ended with a Movie, Ice Cream Cake & 5 to Midnight, some beautiful earrings :)


Chloe Moon said...

Happy belated Birthday!!! You will LOVE your's the best gift I've ever received!

Ergo - Blog

Natalie @ NS Pottery said...

Aww, happy belated birthday!!! Looks like an amazing day!

Krystal said...

happy belated bday!! you were spoiled, that is awesome!

Pia said...

That sounds like a PERFECT day. What a fantastic man you're sharing your life with. :) Piumen.