Wednesday, February 27, 2013

{House} Coming Together.

Thank you to an unexpected gathering at our house this past Weekend- heavy duty cleaning & last minute unpacking was upon us.

I have a Husband who enjoys a clean (de-cootied) Home- and he helps with making it that way.  We spent lots of time vacuuming, organizing- and my specialty, decorating a bit.

Basically, our house isn't where we want it to be. Not with the furniture. Not with the artwork, rugs, or paint colors. But for now, we're working with what we've got.

Here are a few pictures of our House, mostly unpacked! (Excluding bathrooms & guest rooms)

Don't like the curtains or the wall color- and we hope to eventually get new night stands & all matching (white) furniture.....and an actual bed. :)

This is my little nook of the room. I rather enjoy it. Sadly, I still have lots of makeup/beauty organizing to do. That mirror used to be black! (Good thing there isn't a close up picture- it looks pretty....rough when you give it a good look, ha!)

This is looking into the living room from the entry way of the House. Eventually, we want to get all white furniture (again) & also Gray sofas/accent chairs. And a new rug!

I rather like the dining area. But of course, white is our hopeful theme for the future. I also need a good centerpiece for the table, huh?!

We want to get rid of the rug & the chair. And the coffee table. And the end tables. :) But for now, it'll do!

I want this area to be a cozy little cubby. The artwork is one of my favorite- although there is a glare, it's two cats sitting on a shelf of books, gazing out a window. Lamp is from IKEA.

I need something for the entryway instead of two stools, fake flowers, books...and a Cat. :)
Notice everything is brown in yellow, as far as wall colors. I'm DYING to change them to blues & grays.

Stay tuned for further Home updates as they come :)
I'd love ideas & suggestions too!


Kristina Edinger said...

You and I are so similar. I, too, would post pictures of my house saying all that I don't like about the room. Your house is GORGEOUS, and cozy and adorable!! I love your decorating (and the kitties)

Rachel said...

Such an exciting time for you guys! Happy decorating!