Monday, April 15, 2013

Connecticut Dreaming

I may have my own place now, which I absolutely love, but sometimes it's still fun to look at obnoxiously large homes- just because, well, they're obnoxiously large. :)

Yesterday after an amazing Week with my Mom and dropping her off at a New York airport, Hubs and I took a drive through a wealthy Town in Connecticut. I snapped several cell phone shots of Homes as we drove by, so please forgive the quality.

But aren't they beautiful? 



Chloe Moon said...

I got lost in Greenwich Connecticut once, but I didn't mind because looking at those homes was such a treat! They are so big and lovely! Oh...maybe one day! =)

Ergo - Blog

Patricia Paramo said...

Those are really nice house!
Brunette Letters Blog

Kaitlin said...

These houses are gorgeous! Looking at such beautiful houses makes me ready to move back to the states, Hong Kong apartments are impossibly small.

Ivânia Diamond by Ivânia Santos said...

Woow What a beautiful houses? :D

Kiss kiss*

Lauren said...

I love driving by rich areas too to check out the houses! I love the look of all of pretty..thanks for sharing! xo

Alexandra said...

I need to make a trip across the border soon to explore this great country of yours! I've always wanted to see Connecticut, and San Fran, and Dallas, and many places. The only place I go to with any regularity is NY! Love these pics :)

Alex xo

Cee said...

The homes in some of the towns in Connecticut just blow me away... I live in a tiny apartment by choice, because that's about all the space I want to clean, but, well, if I could afford to have maids on staff, these places would be beautiful to live in!