Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday's Letters: Home Addition

Dear House,
You're crooked in so many areas.
Didn't anyone ever tell you to stand up straight?
Dear Blue Vase,
I'm sorry that my Husband doesn't like you-
Just know, I did.
Dear Round Rug,
The Cats love you.
I'm sorry...
Dear Person Who Did the Dry Wall,
....... Really?
Dear Bedroom,
Say hello to my little friend, Silver Screen Paint.
Dear Entry Way,
I am searching for a BIG "S" to adorn you,
I will find one!



Hannah Margaret Allen said...

I love the letters at the top! What a fun post. I love talking to my house (:

Chloe Moon said...

I laughed at the rug & kitty one! I said that to my Jack skellington pillow a few months ago...poor thing!

I think Anthropologie may still have the big letters in corduroy in stores, but if you don't find one I think AC Moore, Michaels or pretty much any craft stores have wooden huge letters that you could personalize!

Have a great weekend!

Ergo - Blog

Pia said...

I really love your letters! And I kind of wish that I came up with this myself, because it's such a cute thing to do to round up the week. :)