Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday (!)

Dearest Friday,
You. Will always be my favorite day.

Dear Dollar Store,
I just spent bookoo bucks on kids that aren't mine.
Positive is, I got bookoo things.

Dear 007,
I really love you.
You're my favorite pet.
(Don't tell Moneypenny....or Creeper. Or Pip. Or Cali. Or Runway. Or Emmett. Or Kitty. Or Pepper, either.)

Dear Person-Who-Created-Awesome-Books-With-Cool-Covers-And-Empty-Pages-And-Sold-Them,
You are a genius.
I love to journal.

Dear Cable,
Welcome back.
I look forward to partaking in HGTV excitement once again.

Dear Husband,
"Girl, you know it's true..." repeated over and over, is not considered a song.

Dear Bachelorette,
You totally confused me this Year.
I saw your face when Brooks visited the stage.....
Enough said.



Pamela said...

Your letter to your journal cracks me up, ha! Love HGTV!!

bevchen said...

Stopping by from Friday's letter. Happy weekend!

Blank books with cool covers are the BEST!!

Erica Ashley said...

stopping by from The Sweet Season, I love to journal! Also, who doesn't love HGTV!?

brittany said...

amen to journals ha!! and oooh cable. i miss it but i don't?

Kelly said...

Lmao on the hubby and his "song!"