Saturday, September 21, 2013

Olde Orchard

If you read my recent Anniversary post, Hubs & I took a short trip to New Hampshire to celebrate 4 years of Marriage.

We had an amazing, amazing time and along the way I noticed a few things that made the area we were in feel so much like "Home" to me.

On our way to Bear Mountain Lodge- we passed through a couple of Towns in Northern NH that were just so whimsical to me. I really wished we could have just stopped every five miles so I could take photos. (We were trying to beat a storm)

There was a perfect blend of lakes & open fields. Of new buildings & anciently old- a touch of tourist attractions (that didn't seem out of place).

It all took me to a very happy place in my heart- my childhood!
I used to roam open fields barefoot, cross little creeks to reach friend's homes, built tree houses and stayed up late into the night playing hide and seek or tag.

When I was a little older, one of my favorite things to do was walk down a dirt path behind our neighbor's house, taking in the fresh air and taking pictures over and over of the woods, of open fields, of berry bushes. It always cleared away stress.

I could see myself soaking all of that up again, with a few added mountains, and living there. It had the perfect mix of everything that makes me completely happy.

There were roads like, Bodge Hill- and places to stay named Berry Pond Motel & The Olde Orchard Inn. Places to shop called, Skelley's Market. And my favorite, a little insurance company called Melcher & Prescott. 
Does that not sound like it came right out of a novel?! :)

Regardless, if you ever find yourself with a little extra money or time- come out to the East Coast during the Fall. Perfect temperatures, perfect views & lots to do. (Or not do, if you just want a quiet uneventful trip!)


Tori said...

Sounds perfectly lovely--congrats on four years! (Found you through your comment on Whitney's post at Elm Street Life) =)

Krystal said...

oh man that sounds so gorgeous and way love a w/e like that!

Cee said...

Belated best wishes on your fourth anniversary - wishing you many years of happiness together!