Saturday, February 22, 2014

Babes & Birthdays.

My blog has been a bit quiet this past Week- it was a busy one at work. I'll tell ya what, two kids is no joke!

( Baby Husband and Baby Me )

Tomorrow is my birthday.
I will be 26.
Even seeing that number is so strange and a bit mind boggling to me. It truly kind of smacks you upside the head with a realization that time does fly.

I'm curious- if you have kids, when did you decide it was the right time?

Growing up, I always thought by this age (because 26 is soooo old)- I'd have at least two kids. And the first year and a half or so of our marriage I had the baby bug something fierce. I'm talking, glancing over a few rows at Church to see a newborn...and bawling about how beautiful it was. (Yes. this happened. Hubs may have been mildly concerned...)

But as the Years have gone by, I've gone through stages of thinking...I really don't desire having children like I used to. Or, sitting in an "iffy" phase. And also the, "Hey. Let's just do this! We'll never really be ready!"- scary phase.

The reason I bring this up is because 26 is officially closer to 30- meaning...AHHHHH!
And it really does freak a person out. I'm starting to feel a bit of that urgency to make things happen and get things rolling so that I don't miss out or regret later.

I do know, a big part of life changes, are dependent on God's timing. I truly believe that. And I want to honor and respect that. Because, I know from experience that doing things when I want or how I think it's right, usually ends up going far different than I anticipated.


Tomorrow is my birthday.
I will be 26.

I'll let you know how it goes. :)

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