Wednesday, February 5, 2014

House to Home

Real quickly- I wanted to throw out that I'm glad several of you really enjoyed reading my last post about friendship- and I even recevied a few emails about how good it was for you to read.  I wanted to clarify though, incase it wasn't as obvious as I had thought, that my primary point of it- was that even if we move on through life and our friends don't seem to be there for us....don't give up on them, necessarily.


When you live in a fairly small apartment- it's so easy to grab whatever furniture you can afford and throw it together and call it messy stylish. But since moving into our new place, it's become painfully clear that our furniture is quite mismatched- and not in a cool way.

I have had this urgency as of late to make things happen. To get new furniture, to finally paint the living/dining room, to really bring about my vision of "Home".

We're doing little things, step by step, to make our dreams reality. It'll take some time- but I feel like once I see our house as "put together"- I'll feel so much comfortable having people over...and overall, a stronger sense of pride.

I don't have everything quite figured out- but here are some of my inspirations.
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Rui Jun Luong said...

Lovely inspirations.

Kallie @ But First, Coffee said...

So many lovely looks for inspiration!
Kallie @ But First Coffee