Thursday, March 6, 2014


This word has been shooting into the furthest corners of my mind and with a quick burst-sprinkling down to the depths of my soul.

{adj. Done on purpose. Deliberate}

I purchased my first issue of Darling Magazine.
It's specifically for women. It celebrates women and all that we are. It has no ads. It's full of poems, original paintings and photography and short- wonderful- articles on topics as fun as food photography to the seriousness of anxiety or eating disorders.

I'm not sure if it was preconceived but throughout the 165 thick paged magazine- the word intentional is used a dozen times, at least.  And unlike the magazines you quickly pull off the rack at WalMart for a quick makeup tip or the latest gossip, this magazine makes you revel and really contemplate you're daily decisions.

I want to be intentional in my life. Because I feel like it will bring such fullness throughout every aspect of my life.

I want to pray, intentionally.
I want to conversate, intentionally.
I want to hug, intentionally.
Really live in every moment and soak up the details of life that get swept under the rug.

My first goal is to take Sundays off from social media.  We came from a place where social media was not an active part of our daily lives- now, it takes up more time than any of us would like to admit.
I want to intentionally make my Sunday about God. About my Husband. About prepping myself physically and emotionally for a new Week.

Think about how much more you'll get from life- if you do normal, everyday things with intention.


Cheryl Rose said...

Love this wonderful reminder to do. With intention. Thanks!

Amanda said...

Love this. :) Also that magazine sounds really great, I'd love to read it!

Callie Nicole said...

That magazine sounds great - I might have to check it out!

shorty_cant_surf said...

What is that magazine? ! I want!