Sunday, January 8, 2012

An Apple a Day...

....Keeps the Doctor Away.
Maybe there is some truth in that- since for the past several weeks I haven't been able to have an apple for fear of some angry acid indigestion.  And, for the past several weeks- I've been one, big, sick...blob of a human being.

Being sick has made me feel like a shell.
Let me rephrase, being sick so much,  has made me feel like a shell.

It's Sunday and I'm sitting on the couch cozied up with a fuzzy red blanket that my Sister-in-laws bought me, a cup full of Starbucks' White Chocolate Mocha nearby, and the sound of a Ron Paul debate being carefully studied by my dear Husband.

To most, that probably sounds like a good Sunday! Right?!
Well, maybe for most. But for me, that describes another Sunday having missed Church. Granted, we've been watching sermons on DVD that my Dad has sent us, regarding "The End Times"- but, it's not the same as being in an environment with other Christian interaction- feeling apart of the Service.
I feel like I've called out of work sick or hurt SO much in 2011.  Probably like, record amount for me.
It makes me feel like a horrible Nanny. Unreliable or something. It's actually really been beating down on me. Lucky for me, my Employers have been so understanding and wonderful about all of it. I am so grateful for that- another testament that God has been looking after me.
But, if you think of it- say a little prayer that this year- will be a fresh bill of health for me. Gracias.

A little over a week after we had to put Creeper to sleep, we adopted another Cat.  I know that it seemed too soon for several people's comfort ability- but for us, it was the right time. We love pets and we love adopting pets.
We found ourselves a sweet little girl who came with the name, Torbie.
She's 8 years old- but hardly acts like it! She's so full of life. I think she's loved having places to roam and run- having been through so much in the weeks before, mostly in a small cage.  We've renamed her, Moneypenny.
I'm so surprised by the amount of people who have no idea where we had come up with the name.
James Bond! Come on people! Classic.
She's a cuddle bug when she wants to be, she'll jump up on my lap and then just fall over and let me cradle her like a little baby.
She likes to follow me around the house and watch me put on my makeup, pour a drink, take out the trash. It's cute.
We got the right girl.

There has been a lot of talk about 2012 being the year that the World ends. So crazy, right? I have to admit, I'm among the thousands of people who are slightly fearful of it. Not necessarily of the World ending- but of what could happen before it does.
My Dad has been pushing to his Church and the people around him so heartily of what to look for in the 'Last Day's- and he makes a lot of good points, truly. He's not about to predict the day, obviously- that's just stupid. Heh.
But, it's truly amazing that so many people aren't seeing the way Christians are being persecuted these days. Not physically, at least not in America, but...religiously and emotionally. 
I challenge you in this new year- to look to God for the answers. Because if you read His Word, He's right on "the money" with what He says will happen.
And, don't look to the World to make you happy. It will never happen.

But, in other news about the New Year- I've been mostly neutral about it. Last year, I was so scared of 2011. I had a bad feeling about it. Perhaps the whole Creeper situation? Maybe all of the sickness?  I don't know. Something just didn't feel right.
This year, however, it's just another year.
We shall see...

I've had the urge to be a homeowner again. I just want a home, that we own- so badly. I want to decorate the outside for Holidays and paint the walls whatever color I desire and adopt as many pets as I want. 

Later today, Kyle and I are going to do a drive by. :0)  I wrote down addresses for several homes in the area and we're going to see what their story is. There is always something that 'they' don't bother to mention. Like, how close the house is to the road. Or that a multi-family home is right next door. Or that there is another house in your backyard.
I always hope that one day Kyle will walk heroically into the room I'm in and announce, "Honey. Today is the day. Pick out your house."
A girl can dream, right?

I'm struggling to think of anything else exciting that's been happening around here- but I'm coming up with a giant blank.
I think I'll drink my Mocha.

Enjoy your Sunday- but remember whose day it is.


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