Friday, February 17, 2012

Cinderella & Coffee

What is it about coffee that makes someone seem like they have an amazing life?  Maybe...I don't know, what? 20 years ago? Cigarettes probably had this affect.  Maybe they still do, but being a non-smoker- I have no idea.
Regardless- for me- coffee and I guess tea, is what makes someone "look" the part of someone who has an amazing life.

For example, this morning. I was driving to work and glanced to the right while passing a nearby street and saw a woman walking with her daughter to the bus stop. The daughter looked to be telling her Mom something in great detail and the Mom was glancing at her here and there as encouragement....and sipping a mug of coffee.
First, I thought "Who the heck walks down the road with a mug? Why not just wait until you get back to your house which is probably a few feet away?"
But then I channeled in everything else I saw in that quick image.  She was wearing a comfy matchy -matchy track suit and her hair was shoulder-length and kind of messy curly.  She looked, natural.  "Easy, breezy, beautiful.." even. :)
For a quick second (or maybe not so quick since I'm still retelling the story an hour later...) I found myself thinking, "Wow. She's lucky. She's beautiful. Confident. And she's drinking coffee from a mug while walking down the road."  Mind applaud.

Isn't that funny though? I mean, I saw her for a total of 15 seconds and I pulled all of that out of the sighting.
Moral of the story:  Hold yourself in a good way- always- because you never know who may see you, if only for 15 seconds, and create an impression.  (Even if it's not entirely accurate....why not try to make it a good one?!)  And also, coffee in a mug is good.

On another note- Can I just say that: when people blubber on about Valentine's Day and how horrible it is because they don't have a "lover"- I think it's annoying?
Yes, true, I *do* have a Husband and I *do* get spoiled- BUT- I haven't always had someone to celebrate the day with.
So let me just say: Next Valentine's Day, instead of being a Debbie Downer- go find a friend and celebrate with them! Go buy yourself a box of chocolates and eat it all in one sitting! Send a Valentine's Day card to an elderly neighbor.
Because honestly, I don't want to feel bad about describing how my Valentine's Day went on Facebook because I may cause an upheaval of dissatisfied Valentine's Day-ers.

Okay- that rant is over. Moving on again...

I always sleep with socks on.  I hate the way the sheets feel against my feet. Or the way my feet feel when they rub together.
Lately I've found that I've somehow managed to push off one sock at some point during the night. So this morning, Kyle was making the bed (with me in it, I might add) and when he removed the comforter- I could feel the cold air- also, revealing my naked foot. 
For whatever reason, I immediately started thinking "Oh my! What if Kyle notices I have one sock on and one sock off? SO unattractive.  I have no idea where that other sock could be..."
And then in one swift, soft gesture- Kyle was slipping the missing sock onto my naked foot.
I found it a bit romantic and had a childhood vision of Cinderella.

Have any plans for the weekend?
I'm babysitting. And doing laundry. And most importantly, watching this week's episode of "The Bachelor".

Until next time,

Drink Coffee!
Love Valentine's Day!
And sleep with Naked Feet!


shorty_cant_surf said...

bahahah. I don't sleep with socks on for that very reason. (Not the unattractive part, the part where one sock gets kicked off and gets lost until laundry day...)

Rachel said...

Oh man, I hate sleeping with socks on. It feels like my feet are suffocating! But I hate wearing socks anyway. That's a cute story about Kyle though. I love when Ben does something little but sweet like that.

Rachel said...

Also, are those llama chocolates? I want them!