Friday, June 8, 2012

An Accident.

Have you ever been involved in a car accident of any sort?

As of tonight, I'm among the percentage of people who have been.

I've decided to blog about my little experience because honestly, sometimes the best place to receive advice & comfort is right here in the bloggersphere.

The details of the situation I won't bore you with, so long story short : It was my fault.

No one was hurt.
And thanks to my tank of a vehicle, Mom & I didn't hardly feel the collision at all.  Although the other vehicle involved received a driver's side dent-which was their own fault.

Regardless- it was scary.  In the moment I found that I was strangly calm. No tears or nerves really- and I truly think that's because my Mom was there with me. Had I been alone I don't know if I would have remained as relaxed.

The Driver of the other vehicle pulled infront of me, jumped out of the vehicle and started screaming at me, "What the "F" are you doing??!?! How many times are you "F'in" going to run into me???"
I've always been incredibly sensitive to being yelled & cussed at- and this was no exception. All I could do was look this guy in the face and say, "Sorry."
"SORRY???? Call the Police. DO IT!"  He shouted, as he got back into his car and lit a cigarette.

It's all taken care of now & really the ticket wasn't too bad.

But I have to say it's shaken my confidence quite a bit. I've always always considered myself an exceptional driver- I've never been issued a ticket and it's something I've taken pride in. 

So now, for another 5 years- my record is tarnished.
My Mom was in the car and she could have been hurt.
Our vehicle could have been severely damaged.
I was late to work which caused my Employer to be late to their job as well.

I just feel sick about it.

My Husband has been incredibly soft spoken and supportive towards me, as well as my Mom, and I'm grateful for that. It's much needed.

But, I feel incredibly thankful on so many levels: Especially that God was obviously looking out for everyone involved.  Can't take that for granted- because He could have easily snapped His finger and allowed something much bigger to happen.

Until next time, be thankful you're here.


Unknown said...

Accidents happen...don't be so hard on yourself, sweet lady. Glad you and yours are safe.

Anonymous said...

Don't get caught up in the what you wasn't that bad. Also, that guy just overreacted...I mean your bad day made his bad day. He probably was just too car absorbed to think about feelings - who know what else he had on his mind that day. Don't let the accident shake you ~ you're still a great driver! Accidents happen.

Happy Friday!! Enjoy your weekend!!

♥ Shia

Rachel said...

No fun :( I rear ended someone once, and I definitely just felt sick. It's that sinking feeling when you realized what just happened. Neither of our cars were damaged, but I got a ticket. It stunk. I'm glad you and your mom (and your car!) are okay. Tomorrow is new day :) And next week is a new week to be on time to work. I hope your weekend makes you feel better <3