Monday, June 11, 2012

A Good Week

Hello Friends!

I recently blogged about a Visitor arriving ; My Mom.
I had a few requests to make sure I did a little "re-run" of what our week together was like & it is!

I got Mom hooked on Lattes, which was a proud moment for me. I love having a coffee drinking buddy! :)
We did Mud Masks together.
We also visited several antique shops, my favorite which was Tickled Pink Shoppe .
We baked cookies...or rather, Mom baked cookies- and she makes the best!
We painted our nails and followed it up by taking cheesy pictures. (Posted below)
We went to a charming little Tea Shop (Blog post to follow).
Aaaand, got into my first car accident .

Overall it was such a wonderful trip. I loved having that "girl time" with my Mom to catch up & experience that familiarity that Family should bring.
When it came time for Mom to go (actually, a few days prior...) I vented to my Husband and ended the day crying myself to sleep.
Have you experienced that 'sting' of reality that being an adult slaps on ya every so often? That happened for me this week.  I don't want to live so far away from my Family. I don't want to get back to the same daily grind. I definitely do not want to wait until December to see my Family again. 
But. It's the reality of life. It's reality of being an adult. And it's just...the way it is. (It doesn't mean I need to enjoy every second of it though!!)

I've absolutely been blessed with a wonderful Family. They're always there for me, always supportive- and they always make me laugh :) Thank you, Family!

Until next time, get in contact with your Family.


Anonymous said...

Great pics ... looks like you had a blast with your mom!! I love that you brought her over to the dark side (aka Starbucks) my fiance fought it for awhile...but he's hooked now too.

Don't stress over the accident - it'll be okay - I'm glad no one got hurt ... even that meanie!

♥ Shia

Introverted Art said...

So cute! Your mom looks like so much fun. Love the "green mask" thing going on ;-)

Miss Lindsay said...

Awww I love Mom time!! Sounds like such a great weekend, minus the accident of course.