Monday, July 30, 2012


Have a good weekend everyone?

I spent a good amount of time catching glimpses of the Olympics (Go USA!), cuddling with fur babes (as usual!), and spending much needed time with my Husband.

We're also working on making some fairly large changes in our lives. Re-prioritizing and getting where we want to be at this point in our lives. I'm super nervous & also very excited. If you think of it, I'd love it if you'd say a little prayer that we allow Christ to lead the way, fully. (So hard sometimes, right?!)

Here are some favorite recent instagrams. (Follow me @ ajsven)

*Trying out my new Julep polishes together, Yumi & Lynn.
*Snuggles with 007
*A Healthy Snack, Almonds
*A quick photo before heading out on a drive with Hubs
*Hubs needed to break a $20, so he bought flowers- I'll take it! :)
*More, beautiful Summer flowers.

And this is one of my favorites:
Hubs & I about to enjoy a Starbucks brunch- and I caught Kyle mid prayer.  And yes, he was praying silently to himself. I wasn't peeking ;)

It's an incredible example to me of Christ's love. That He's given me a Husband that I often feel so un-deserving of. But not only that, I'm so thankful for a Husband who strives to lead our Marriage, God's way.


Brittany Walsh said...

Love this post. The whole thing is spectacular! Thanks for sharing from your heart. It's beautiful to see God's handiwork in other people's lives :)

Elle said...

Looks like a great weekend. We have been glued to the Olympics :) I will be praying for you and your life changes! Sounds exciting

Anonymous said...

looks like you had a great time!

Introverted Art said...

Manda, your kitty is looking so sweet ;-) Best weekend ever.

Karlita said...

oh, beautiful post! prioritizing should be a monthly activity since we often forget about the most important things-people. I trust you too will take the best decisions since you are putting God as a leader... nothing can fail.

vintage grey said...

Hi Manda!! What a beautiful post!! God is so good!! Happy to be your newest follower! Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on mine!! Have a blessed week! xo Heather said...
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