Wednesday, September 26, 2012

C'est la Vie

I took a tiny bit of French in High school- if nothing else, it helped me come up with today's blog Title. :)
A few Months back a Friend took me to a thrifty store that I'd never heard of, Savers. I'd say it's similar to a Goodwill.
We were both in a crafty mood & were perusing the home goods for fixer-upper-projects. I immediately went to a wall of shelves that housed lots of interesting (to say the least!) art.   Really, I just wanted a neat looking frame so that I could be artsy & use some chalk paint- but an actual piece of artwork caught my eye.
This gem!

How gorgeous is it?
I liked everything about it, even down to the naturally distressed frame.
For now, it's found it's place on my nightstand, right next to a favorite wedding day photo of my Hubs.

Every time I look at it- I'm taken into a Parisian dreamland. Complete with fresh baguettes & bundles of gorgeous roses & sweet macaroons. :)
And, I'm okay with that.
I've also decided that my little Parisian apartment would be located above- with glorious windows over looking a quaint town. :)


Dianna Davis said...

This is precious. I am such a francophile. I believe I could be very happy in the apartment next door!

Dianna @ Virginia is for Lovers

Meg said...

Wow, I love this post! It's just so light and pretty :) And I'm with you, wish I could have a darling little Parisian apartment with amazing windows ;)

Krystal said...

aw, that is a great picture. and also, i like your idea of chalkboard pain frame! i'm always looking at the frames when i go to the thrift shop...i keep buying gold ones, i'm obsessed with gold, it's weird :)

Elle said...

That artwork takes me back to my childhood :) My mom had a large version of that photo in our kitchen. She even painted one of the awnings (?) to match the kitchen walls ha. Silly mom.

Melissa Blake said...

It turned out great!! xoxo

Marie-Eve said...

Great find !
My Blog - A Pretty Nest

Shannon said...

It's beautiful. I took French in high school too. ;)

Hannah Margaret Allen said...

Oh Paris is divinity. I adore the treasure you found. I think I will live there too.

Aspiring Kennedy said...

A flat above a French bakery is where every woman dreams of living. Can you imagine all of the sweet aromas that would waft up to your space? There would be no need to have candles.