Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday, We Meet Again....

Front Porch Mums
Dear 007,
Being fed wet food TWICE daily *is* enough. Quit following me around the house like we never feed you! Chubs!
Dear Husband's Place of Work,
Quit holding him 2 and 3 hours late. It's gettin' crazy.
Dear High School French Teacher,
I'm sorry I didn't care about your class.
I'd like to be fluent.
Dear Hairs,
You have been amazing the past few days- keep it up!
Dear Harriet the Spy,
You inspired me to both spy & journal.
Hence the 20 quarter written in journals I still have lying around.
Dear Gluten Free Bread Loaf,
You're only "okay".
Dear IPhone Apps,
You have a fart machine app, really?
Hoorah! Entertainment all day longgg!! :)
Dear Witch Hazel,
You reek.
But you're doin' your job. Gracias.


Hannah Hurley said...

Those mums are beautiful! I love when my hair cooperates, but it usually just goes up in a ponytail. I would have loved to be able to speak French.

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Michelle said...

Im sure gluton free is meant to read tastless and awful! Hope you have a fantastic weekend :)

Dianna Davis said...

Our cat does the same thing! We put her on a prescribed diet so she doesn't have food sitting in her bowl all day long and she HATES it. She runs to me meowing then runs to her food bowl all day long. Yeessh! Makes me feel like an abusive mom!

jillian at faith that laughs. said...

I need to get some mums! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Xoxo

Melissa Boo said...

A FART machine app? I have to see if Android has this. Why are farts so funny?

Traci Aerykssen said...

My husband needs to tell his job what's what too.... and fart machine? Why am I not surprised? ;)

Kelly { Messy.Dirty.Hair.} said...

Hahahaha my cat does the exact same thing!!

Meghan said...

This is hilarious.. I am new to your blog and found you on Cup of Jo, I just love your "Dear" post :) and your hair looks awesome, way to go!

Two Leaf Clover