Monday, December 31, 2012

Bringing in 2013 with...Cough Drops.

I've been completely ignoring the blog world for a few weeks now.
I apologize, I realize it's fairly lame to follow a blog that isn't being updated almost daily.
I've really needed to take care of myself. Over the past three weeks, sickness has been my life.
I had a bad cold.
Then I had the 24 hour flu bug.
And currently, I'm finishing up a sinus/brochitis virus.
I'm pretty sure there was a point over the past few days that I literally, paused everything, reviewed my life- my Spiritual state- and then felt that death was okay to arrive.
That sounds horribly morbid, but to clarify, I couldn't breath, coughing was constant, congestion was thick, throat was sharp- it was just aweful.
Thankfully, 4 days later, a million pounds of water weight, countless drugs & Teen Mom episodes later, I'm down to a cough & some congestion.
But, continue to bare with me. I'm getting back to "me"- slowly but surely.
In other, more pleasant news, we're supposed to close on our potential first home this Friday! I can't believe it.
With the Holidays, travelling, and sickness taking up the majority of life recently- I've hardly been able to soak up this last official week in our little apartment.
We haven't started packing.
I have no official plans for decorating.
I've found that things typically don't happen the way I imagine them.
Regardless, they work out anyway.
So...we'll see!
I'm sure there will be lots of house/decorating posts coming up. Woo-hoo!

And of course, receiving Sephora is always a day brightener :)


Whitney Cosgrave said...

yikes, hope you feel better soon!

Tina Byland said...

feel better. I am also bringing in a new year with a cough. I have bronchitis and it just won't go away! Try eucalyptus oil steamed with water over the oven. It helps me.