Monday, December 10, 2012


Hello Sweets!
For those of you who have stuck by throughout my "blog vacation"- thanks!
Last week was a long one- and I was so excited for the weekend.
Alas, I woke up Saturday Morning with a soreness in my throat that couldn't be denied.
So, as I sit here, I'm "listening to" 27 Dresses, nursing a hot chocolate, and carefully swallowing as to not make my ears explode from pain.
Although, I've had a sweet fury nurse :)

So obviously, THE House has been on my mind a lot lately.
We close on the 4th, but there is still a chance something could go wrong- and we never even get the house.
But, clinging to hope- I still continue to plan where to place furniture, what kind of painting I want to do. (Gray Stripes in Spare Bedroom!)
But, I've also been forced to face the reality that I don't really have anyone (close by) to share in my excitement about the house.  A best Friend to call and say, "Hey! Come check out the house! Have coffee with me in front of the fireplace! Help me paint! Tell me if this looks good!"
For a little bit, it was a little depressing.
But then- after Hubs told me of meeting our new neighbor, who was seemingly a grump I may add, I changed my tune a little bit.
Hubs had told him, "You don't have to worry about us invading your property. We're private people who generally keep to ourselves."
It's true.
I've had trouble accepting this.
Since living in Connecticut, it's no secret that most people are apart of groups, programs, activities. Have jobs with several co-workers. Tight Knit Families. Long time Friends a town over. Everyone keeps busy all of the time- and they take pride in it.
I've often felt like an outsider because I haven't really made good Friends here- but not because I haven't tried!
It's okay though.
Because, I don't need to count on close-by Friends to charge my Joy for a new home, right?!
I'm going to enjoy having a home.
I'm going to love decorating it.
And making memories with my Husband there.
And growing Children there.
And having our First Dog!
Ah- Cheers to growing up!


Erin said...

Hope you feel better soon-- seems like the changing weather has made a lot of people sick =\ I've been having that scratchy throat feeling too!! ugh!

That's super exciting about your house, and I totally get what you mean about being bummed sometimes about not having friends close by. I definitely have a couple great friends in the area, but most of my college friends, and my sister lives hours and hours away. You are DEF going to enjoy owning your home, decorating and making a million memories in your new home though-- good job focusing on the positives :)

Marsa said...

hehe your little cat is so cute! i'm totally ready for my break! i have a week of finals and then im done. woohoo! freedom

Krystal said...

i have been so sick too :( and your new home experience will be amazing! something you'll always remember so definitely enjoy it :)