Friday, January 4, 2013

Butter Lips

Well, this is my what? Third post this week? So that's a good sign that A) I'm not as sick anymore and B) you won't have to read (too) many more posts about how sick I am.
There was a Woman I spoke with over my 'Christmas Break'- and although older than me by nearly 20 years, I found myself envying the dewey glow of her skin & the nearly line-less pink that was her lips.
So although I have no "real" resolutions for this New Year- I am excited to discover and daily utilize new beauty products.
Which of course, is no big chore for me anyway.
I recently discovered a new found love for the Korres products.  Specifically the Wild Rose Brightening Cleanser & the Pomegranate Lip Butters.  They make me feel pretty....and fresh!
Do you have any favorite Korres Products?


Bri said...

Korres sounds awesome! Unfortunately, there are no Korres products available in Germany. ):

But I'm happy that you feel better again! Me, too, btw! :D

Chloe Moon said...

Glad your feeling better!! I don't think I've ever heard of Korres products...I have to check them out!!

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Jessi Francis said...

I don't have any Korres products, but I have been wanting one of the lip butters for a while!

La Saloperie said...

I haven't used lipgloss in forever (used to be obsessed, though!) and I've never tried a Korres product! Is this your favorite one?