Monday, February 11, 2013

Finding "Nemo"

Of course you've heard about the Nemo Blizzard that has tromped all over the East Coast- so I've decided to share a few of my personal photos with you.

I really didn't think the Storm was going to be worth all the hype it was receiving. I've lost a little faith in the weather predictions- they're wrong quite a bit.
But, as I drove home around Noon on Friday the 9th- I quickly saw that this was going to be some kind of a doozy. The roads were already slick & had a few inches of white powder.
The idea of being snowed in with my Husband is a cheap thrill for me :) So I didn't mind the prospect of a power outage (Which we were only out for about 45 minutes) or not being able to leave our cozy home.
We ended up with about 3 feet of snow- 5 or so feet at the front of our driveway- thanks to the plows.
Most of the plowed roads were only wide enough for one vehicle to pass through- if the road was plowed at all!  We drove over to where our apartment had been & discovered that none of the roads leading to it- were plowed.
People were literally walking in knee deep snow to grocery stores and any open restaurants. It was a little surreal.
Today there are lots of business still closed, roads yet to be plowed & it's raining and super foggy.
I've heard rumors about snow on Thursday...buh.
Tomorrow, I head back to work.
Wish me luck!


Chloe Moon said...

I got a about a foot of snow in lower New York state. It was crazy!! I can't believe your snapshot of the roads!!! WOW!!

Thursday?!?! Ugh...too soon!!

Ergo - Blog

Kate Sullivan Corpuz said...

Wow- the snow looks so pretty! I'm sure it's not fun to deal with. We only got about 8 inches of snow from Nemo. Stay warm & safe!

always, koru kate

jillian at faith that laughs. said...

wow that is lots of sun!! i am so ready for spring and more sun!! hope you had a great day!! xoxo

Sara Louise said...

I hope your roads get cleared soon! All of that snow is so pretty though. We finally got snow where I live over the weekend (about six inches) and I couldn't have been happier! :)

Tracy Zhang said...

wow you guys sure got a lot of snow!