Monday, March 4, 2013

On 3 Pets & Instagram

First, if you check my Instagram every once in awhile but aren't following officially, I switched my user name to:    AmoSven

                                                  Happy following! :)

So if you didn't catch the post (find it here or here)- we added a third Pet to our Family, Pip.
I'm happy to say she hasn't been having as many accidents & seems to do pretty well in her crate (den, as we call it).  It does appear that she has some cataracts going on though, unfortunately.

It's hard having 3 pets.
This past week has been a world wind. 007 was sick for several excruciating hours, Pip was having accidents or needing let out every hour or more- and then, Moneypenny- well...she's a perfect fur babe. (Never have had any issues with her, knock on wood!)

There have been days where I just sit & cry and think, "What have I done? I'm crazy!"  But all it takes is looking at any of the three of them to feel Peace & Comfort that I'm helping them. And giving them a good, happy life.

So....go adopt a pet! They need ya.


Cara3711 said...

Ethan and I are working on it! :D I can' wait to be, my sweetie, and a kitty or two!

Krystal said...

aww pip is so cute!!

Hena Tayeb said...

I love your pets names.. especially money penny!

Kasey Lynne said...

Your main Instagram photo is gorgeous!

Awww Pip is so cute! Congrats on your third child ;D