Monday, June 10, 2013

Room Daily

Hello, Friends!
Hoping you had a good weekend filled with everything...and maybe even some nothing :)

I made my first fritatta!
I woke up Sunday Morning craving something savory and had a bit of an urge to make something other than a plain ole' scrambled egg.  So, I did!

It was super good and Hubs ate 3 servings!
I used cherry tomatoes, scallions, baby reds, a bit of cheddar and parm cheeses- salt, pepper, milk & eggs. Delish!

I've also created a little instagram challenge for myself this Week.
I'm going to try posting one bedroom detail a day.
It'll be under the tag, #roomdaily or you can find me with "amosven".


Real College Student of Atlanta said...

your fritatta looks so yum!!

Rui Jun Luong said...

Love the last picture.

xo june.

Rachel said...

Fritattas are my favorite thing to make! Perfect for using up veggies in the fridge.