Monday, August 26, 2013

What's Fair is Fair

It was a bleak Saturday and I went out on a whim and texted my Husband with, "Hey, wanna travel tonight?"
The rest was history!
After a bit of research I found three Fairs open in Connecticut over the Weekend and after Hubs got off work, we headed to a cute little Town with a cute little Fair...and had an amazing time.

Sitting on "The Scrambler"

How sweet is this little baby Llama?!
We're hoping to go to a few other small-town fairs throughout the Fall. I cannot wait!
I love all the animals and the horrible-for-you foods, and the lights. So fun!


Kristina Edinger said...

Super jealous that you guys are wearing JACKETS! It's too stinkin' hot here for all that cover up! Lol.

brittany said...

so fun!! love that you sent your hub a spontaneous travel text!!