Monday, November 18, 2013


Last week we came upon one of those Evenings where it was just about time for a grocery trip and we had a little of this and a little of that to work with.

We had salmon- one of our Weekly favorites. Using the little I had, I browsed several sites for recipes and combined them to make my own, baked cheese bites. (Not sticks because, well, they weren't sticks.)

And I'm such a horrible blogger and FORGOT to take an end result photo, but they truly looked just about the same as before I put them in the oven.

So, the recipe calls for Cheese Sticks (string cheese).
                                     An Egg
                                     Bread Crumbs
                                     Seasoning of Choice (Parsley Recommended)
                                     1/4 C. Flour

I didn't have bread crumbs or cheese sticks.

So instead, I used the cheese I had- Applewood Smoked Cheddar, and cut them into small squares.
Instead of bread crumbs, I ground up some Ciabatta Croutons I had in the pantry.

After you cut your cheese (heh heh), whether in cubes or sticks...freeze them for half an hour.
While you're waiting, get some of your other ingredients ready in 3 separate dishes.
Flour in one, egg in another, and in the third- the breadcrumbs and seasoning combined.

Once your cheese is done freezing, coat in flour, then coat in egg, and then roll it around in breadcrumbs.  Place on a foil lined baking sheet.

Once each one is coated in breadcrumbs- place back into the freezer for at least 30 minutes. (This is a must- otherwise the cheese will melt before the breading has time to brown)

Preheat your Oven to 400.

Bake for about 5 minutes- per side.  Keep an eye on them though. I let mine cook a minute too long and nearly all the cheese had oozed out.

End result?

Husband stamp of approval and I'm making them again this week...except with actual cheese sticks and Panko breadcrumbs :)


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sophistifunk said...

yum! looks delicious :)

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