Saturday, December 28, 2013

Home Tour: Part III

And, we're back to the tour.
I completely forgot that I hadn't finished these posts.

Today, we're heading up the stairs and getting a quick peek at our tiny bathroom & going into probably my favorite room in the house. The Master Bedroom.

I think I've mentioned this in the other posts- but one of my "needs" after living in a small apartment with random, small windows- was great natural lighting. Our bedroom has 3 large windows in just the right places and every Morning I get a dose of pinky orange sunrise.

Originally our room, like most in the house, was some variant of yellow. Our bedroom was, mustard. A very loud color for the walls. So we painted it a soothing gray-blue and I adore it.

Also, I think the best thing my Husband has ever purchased (well, one of the many...) is our large Ikea dresser. I think it's the epitome of everything I love. Coziness. Clean. Fresh. Elegant. Simple.

Below, is my side of the bed. With our favorite, down comforter. (thanks MIL!)
This is Kyle's side.
(Yes, if you're noticing the different comforters. The photos were taken on different days!)
Made these yesterday on a whim. Definitely homemade, but full of love :)
"I adore you, my darling"

We have two of these laundry bins, from Home Goods!
Kitty Spot, of course.


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Becky | Apples of Gold said...

I love your cozy home! ... and there's nothin' like a homemade bunting to hang right above your bed. =) I totally & completely know what you mean about natural lighting. We don't have nearly as much sunlight as I'd love to have here in our little apartment, BUT we will someday!