Monday, December 23, 2013

Where the Heart Is

You know how people constantly quote "Home is where the heart is" and "Home is wherever I'm with You"- ?

I've realized more and more each year that I'm away from my Family (by 12 hours, if we're being specific) that a piece of my heart is always there. I absolutely love the support, encouragement, the laughter, and the memories that come with visiting my Family in Michigan. When we leave my heart literally hurts, because I'm sad to leave.

I used to feel guilty about that. Because, man. If K is my Husband and the love of my life- I should never miss being anywhere else, right?

I don't feel guilty anymore, though. Because I love my Family. And I love my Husband. Just different kinds of love. And that's totally OK.

I hope you enjoy scrolling through these photos and are able to find something sweet about them.

Also, Happy Christmas Eve. Give your loved ones a big hug if you're so blessed as to be with them.


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Miss you guys!, g