Friday, December 20, 2013

Michigan Time

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Backyard Scenes. Such a soothing view.
Every Year, the day before it's time to leave Michigan, I slip the idea of staying another day into K's mind and then gently (or not so) try to convince him that it's the best idea, ever.
He always says, no.
But this Year, it was a YES.
Christmas, made!
Instead of leaving early tomorrow Morning, we'll be heading out early Sunday Morning. I'm not sure you understand how excited I am about this.
We've had an amazing trip. It's been quick and full of buying presents (so last minute this year!!)- but there has been so much laughter. And laughter solves a multitude of issues.
I'll have trip-in-review posts up after Sunday, full of pictures.
But today, I just wanted to check in since my blog has been sleepy without warning.

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brittany said...

aww bonus day!!! hooray!!