Sunday, December 8, 2013

O' Christmas Tree

We put up our Christmas Tree promptly after Thanksgiving Dinner.

Through coughs and sneezes we set up our tree and decorated it with ornaments we purchased in our first year of marriage, that we've received as gifts, and those that were ours as children. 

Our tree is fake, and cute, and I think we love that it looks the same every year. We can count on that same, cute, sparkling tree year after year.

After the tree though, I realized we didn't have much more to decorate with.  Our apartment was a lot smaller than our house- and we literally have only decorations to barely fill our living room and
dining room.

I've also realized that 25 days is hardly enough time to enjoy Christmas decor when you're gone for 7 days of the 25.

I think next Year, we'll buy more decorations ahead of time.
I want to cover the fireplace with a pretty garland. Purchase a Poinsettia, get Chistmasy dish towels, a few more nutcrackers, and I'd love to get a string or two of lights for the outside.

I'm also debating new stockings.
I adore our childhood stockings- Kyle's handmade and mine a cute little puppy (very fitting, if you know me at all)- but maybe it's time to start a new tradition? many ideas, so little time!

What is your favorite Christmas decoration?


Amy Coelho said...

love the decorations! :)

Callie Nicole said...

I feel like I have way too many Christmas decorations - I've inherited alot of them! Slowly I'm replacing some of the older ones with decorations that I like - kind of putting my own touch on our Christmas decor. It's a work in progress. :-)